In November 2001, just after 9/11 and the start of our largest industry downturn, we published our first issue of Submarine Telecoms Forum magazine, which consisted of eight articles and seven complimentary advertisements. In 2004, we produced our first submarine cable map for purchase. We also produced that year our first industry calendar, which is funded through sponsorships and forwarded freely to 3,000 industry contacts.

In 2008, we created an updated sponsorship-based submarine cable map, which was also forwarded for free to our contacts; the model of which we have kept to today. We then added an industry-specific newsfeed to our website. Also, that year, SubOptic selected us to act as Media Partner in support of their upcoming 2010 Yokohama conference, growing an already long-standing relationship.

We took the original idea and expanded it in several different and complimentary ways, including new products like Cable Almanac (2011), Industry Report (2012), and Submarine Cables of the World Online Map (2016).  And in 2017, we became the event manager for SubOptic 2019 to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana USA.


Submarine Telecoms Forum, Inc. exists to provide a freely accessible forum, as well as a media to elucidate and educate professionals in industries connected with submarine optical fiber technologies and techniques.

Submarine Telecoms Forum, Inc. aspires to be the leading, internationally operating media company in the domain of submarine fiber optic cable systems achieved by meeting the information requirements of specialized industry target groups and markets, while creating value for all the stakeholders who are important to the realization of its strategy.


Kristian Nielsen
Kristian NielsenVice President
Kristian Nielsen literally grew up in the business since his first ‘romp’ on a BTM cableship in Southampton at age 5. He has been with Submarine Telecoms Forum for a little over 8 years; he is the originator of many products, such as the Submarine Cable Map, STF Today Live Video Stream, and the STF Cable Database. In 2013, Kristian was appointed Vice President and is now responsible for the vision, sales, and over-all direction and sales of SubTel Forum.

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